It's inevitable that eventually something will spill or drop on your carpet. But it doesn't have to become a permanent stain. In fact, the sooner you catch the mishap, the sooner you can clean your carpet properly.  Here are some top tips to remember when dealing with stains and keeping your carpets clean.

Different Spill require Different Approaches:

Red Wine:

A red wine spill is easily removed by using club soda. First blot the carpet spill with a towel to soak up any excess wine. Then dab with club soda. Work from the outside of the carpet spill inwards as to not spread the spill. Once the area of the carpet is clean take a clean towel and soak up any remaining moisture on the carpet. 


A wax spill can be removed by placing a thick towel on the carpet and ironing the area on medium heat.


Apply ice to the carpet to freeze the gum and harden it. Then take a spoon to scoop away at the gum from the carpet.

Blood Stains:

Pour hydrogen peroxide on the carpet to remove a blood stain and dab excess up with an old towel.


A grease stain on your carpet can be removed by using a plain dish washing detergent. The folks at Budget Carpet Cleaning prefer the original blue DAWN detergent. 

Deep clean your carpets regularly.

Budget Carpet Cleaning recommends you have your carpets professionally cleaned on at least twice a year to help maintain that brand new look.