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Licensed & Insured Dry Clean & Steam Carpet Cleaners in Orlando

Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaners Serving Orlando & Central Florida

Budget Cleaning Services Commercial Industrial Carpet CleaningBudget Carpet Cleaning Cleaning Services are equipped with machines that can handle both high traffic commercial carpet and floor cleaning and residential carpet and floor cleaning.

Commercial and Industrial Carpet / Floor Cleaning:

Depending on your business type, Budget Carpet Cleaning Cleaning Services may recommend a regular schedule of carpet and floor cleaning to ensure your flooring maintains optimal condition.

Residential Carpet / Floor Cleaning:

Regular maintenance of your flooring is ideal for keeping it in its optimal condition. We recommend vacuuming on a regular basis and spot cleaning any spills when the occur. We do realize, however, that life style can play an important role in keeping your flooring clean and our prepared to handle even the most difficult challenges you may have.

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